Natalia Phillips Is My Hot Topless Test Bunny


I need to start testing out some of our fixes here on the site. So why not test with the sextastic brunette Natalia Phillips who seems to be the absolutely perfect addition to any office. Oh, man how I dream of having a outrageously hot woman in my executive space. Not an employee, naturally. That would be wrong.

I mean just the random crazy hot woman who loves to visit bloggers in their office to strip and pose naughtily. I'm sure they exist. They must. We are nothing without our dreams. Take a look at Natalia and see if you don't dream a little dream yourself. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian’s Nip Slip and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Rihanna's Hot Vaca
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Kim Kardashian slips some nip for our viewing pleasure (Celebuzz)

Ariana Grande may not be nekkid but she may as well be (Drunken Stepfather)

Nicole Scherzinger is busting out of her bikini (Idolator)

Victoria Justice's rack brings new meaning to boobtastic (Hollywood Tuna)

Becca Tobin's bangin' bod has us wanting to bust one out (Popoholic)

Rihanna spreads her legs and shows off some hot pinkness (Starpulse)

Jessica Brown-Findlay's sideboob is scandalous (Ranker)

What’s Going on, Egotastic?

Funny you should ask. We've been experiencing a bit of a Three Mile Island meets suspension bridge designed by toddlers kind of meltdown here. It's mostly related to having hardware built around the turn of the century. Not the most recent one. We're working diligently to fix it. Not me, obviously, but people far less lazy than me. You'll probably see occasional ups and downs until it's stable. Also, the boobs won't flow quite as prodigiously for just a little while. When we're back to full speed, I'll be sure everybody gets their proper fill. Thanks for your patience.

The Air Sex World Championships Are A Sight To Behold

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We've heard of air guitar and air drumming but air sex? That sounds like what I spent most of my teens doing, making love to air, but it is a new "sport". This "sport" involves simulating sexual congress by yourself with no partner. Yes. It's become big enough that it even has a world championship that was held right here in New York City. Sure, the sight of dozens of people humping the air may seem like stupid waste of time but a spokesman for the event said,

“The Air Sex Championship is not only the world’s greatest form of entertainment -- it’s also educational and inspiring. It’s a celebration of sex, a positive sex show. You’re making love to an invisible person or object.”

Well, who can argue with that? Not me.

Forget Call of Duty, Real Men Need the Retro Love: Theme Hospital

It’s a bitch, being a big-shot hospital dude. You get sued when your drunk plastic surgeon gives the guy with piles a boob job, you have to play golf all damn day with other fancy rich bastards, and you can’t even steal yourself some drugs for your dodgy cousin Merv.

Let’s not, for balls’ sake, ever make a video game out of it. Except, y’know, this one, which we’ll allow because it’s giving us something to prattle about for this week’s installment. Otherwise, we’d have to fill this page with news of our parakeet Mr. Featherington’s bowel movements or something, and who the eff wants that?
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Remade ‘Resident Evil’ to Feature Non-Craptacular Voice Acting, Plus a Sequel to ‘Revelations’

No effing way.

You do remember Resident Evil, don’t you? With its Jill Sandwiches and masters of unlocking, and its it was a huge snake, and also... poisonous! Shit-tastic voice acting gave the original its campy B-movie appeal, and has been a source of pisstakery for almost twenty years.

The Gamecube remake fixed the woeful wordplay, and now the remade remake, or remakeception if you will, is... y’know, fixing it more. Or something.

As Destructoid reported this morning, Capcom have stated ahead of the Tokyo Game Show that ‘...the REmake remake will feature new, "professional" voice acting.’ Just what this might mean, we can’t imagine. Perhaps Alan Rickman will be drafted in to spout Wesker’s lines, in that melodramatic slow voice of badassery he has? It worked with our ol’ buddy Hans Gruber in Die Hard, after all.

Elsewhere in the Evilsphere, a follow-up to Resident Evil Revelations (‘the one that doesn’t suck ass like 5 and 6’) was confirmed. Presumable platforms will be PS3/360 and Xbox One/PS4, but we don’t yet know. For an enigmatic concept teaser which shows us absolutely eff all, take a look below.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora Cheeky Sextastic Duet at Made in America

Made in America never sounded better, err, looked better, than when Iggy Azaelea and Rita Ora brought their Aussie-Britty hot stage and concert show to Los Angeles over the Labor Day weekend. I can't comment much as to the music, but as to the two young pop divas prancing around the stage in showy costumes and pretending to kiss and fondle each other, well, you know how I feel about even pretend lesbionics.

Rita Ora absolutely stole the red carpet at last week's VMAs, and Iggy Azalea and her stage-show thumper have been dazzling the lower brains of boys and men for the past year now. The two make a lusty duet. I like it. You add a striptease element to the staging, and suddenly you might have one of the best concert performances ever. Next time. Enjoy.