Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Fifty and Faptastic

While my forty and faptastic list is rather lengthy, the fifty plus version dwindles rather extensively. Though there are clear and obvious rule breakers. Like Elle Macpherson. On a day when we are celebrating bikini beauties at the beach, how about a sweet homage to the queen bee of hot bikini pictures for three decades now. The Aussie with the hot long lean body who can steal teach the youngin's a thing or two about strutting in a two piece.

Elle was on vacation on a yacht off the coast of Italy when she decided to don one of her little bikinis and show off front side and backside half-century hotness. She more than caught my eye. She made 10,000 images of her ridiculously alluring surfer girl hotness flash before my eyes. Then I passed out. Then I woke up wondering what time it was and if Elle would respond to my request for an Adult Nursing Relationship post I made to her on Craigslist Palm Beach. So much to think about, and so much Elle sextastic to focus on. Bless you, Ms. Macpherson. Enjoy.

Lea Michele’s Thong Bikini Booty and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Rosie Jones Topless Hotness Invades Interivu Magazine


I guess I wasn't the only one celebrating Rosie Jones epic funbags and her birthday this weekend. The good folks at Interviu magazine in Spain saw fit to honor Rosie with their cover and a sweet spread of her chestal goodness within.

Rosie Jones was born to model and make people happy. Not many people can say they're doing precisely as Mother Nature intended. Rosie brings so much happiness to so many people and at just 24 now, she has so many more years to keep doing so. Her legacy is as firm as... well, never mind. The point is, Rosie Jones is a goddess to whom I would bring purified rain water in a lotus leaf each morning to gently wake her. Well, first the morning sex, then the lotus leaf bit. A man has to keep his priorities. Enjoy.

FXX to Air Every ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever (Plus the Movie) in Epic12-Day Marathon

Last November it was announced that The Simpsons were finally coming to basic cable after the Fox Broadcasting Company sold exclusive syndication rights to fellow 21st Century Fox subsidiary FXX. That was pretty good news for fans of the longest running scripted television show of all time.

However, today the news gets even better. Starting August 21 at 10 A.M. ET, FXX will show every single episode, plus the movie, one after the other in chronological order. The whole thing will take 12 days to run, ending September 1 at 12 A.M., and it will be the longest marathon in television history.

That's not the end of the good news, though. In addition to the marathon, FXX will launch their Simpsons World app in October. In addition to letting you stream full episodes, this app will also let you search episodes by character or clip, flip back and forth between the video and the script, and, of course, share your favorite quotes on social media. (Because everyone needs to know what you are doing, saying, and thinking at all times, amiright?)

So upgrade your mobile data plans and call your cable or satellite provider and order a few more DVRs. The Simpsons are coming.


Paulina Porizkova Bikini Pictures on Grecian MILFtastic Holiday

It's hard to believe Paulina Porizkova will soon be turning 50. It's easy to believe I've lusted for her European bikini sensibilities since before my bobos even dropped. She's been super hot forever.

Paulina and her bikini body took to a Mykonos holiday for the July holiday season. She flashed a frontside and derriere still gifted from the heavens and a good twenty-five years after she retired from SI modeling. It's really incredible to think about. Mostly, it makes me really jealous of that dude from the Cars she's been married to these past twenty-five years. But seeing her bikini tush on the Isles of Greece, I do realize she has a little something in her bag of benevolence for us all. Let' not fight, let's share. Though, obviously, me first. Enjoy.

Today In Japanese Perversion: Old Male School Girl


The Japanese are the greatest cosplayers on Earth. That's because unlike a lot of the dorks here in the U.S. that do it, every day people in Japan regularly dress in costumes. One of the most popular is Seifuku, which is the sailor-type school girl uniform favored by young prepubescent girls and Sailor Moon. It's pretty hot when a sexy of age lady wears it...but what about a funky-looking old dude? Hideaki Kobayashi is a scruffy dude that looks like the love child of Mr. Miyagi and a deadhead. He likes to go around dressed like a school girl to challenge gender norms or something. Or not. When asked why he does it he says,

"That's a difficult question. It's not really something I've thought too deeply about. Hrm. I guess it's because sailor suits look good on me?"

He identifies as a man, so he's not a transgendered person. He just gets his jollies dressing like a 12 year old girl. I don't know what the Japanese equivalent of the sex offender task force is but they might want to have a talk with him.

Aubrey O’Day and Her Boobtastic Aplenty Reunites With Danity Kane for Vegas Pool Party

Are you like me? Did you cry when you heard Danity Kane broke up? Did they break up? I don't know, I just like to cry a lot, I'm very in touch with my sensitive side. Just as I was when I saw Aubrey O'Day and her girl group cohorts flashing their lady parts on the red carpet of some Vegas pool party over the weekend. They were performing I think, I kind of lost track in the fog of staring deep into the magical chest of Aubrey O'Day as it washed away all my troubles like a Calgon bath of funbags.

I can't say I was ever much for the Danity Kane sound, but as far as Aubrey O'Day and her Danity Kane Double-D's, well, that has always been music to my ears. MTV's Making the Boobs, err, Making the Band lives on its musical progeny. Two enormous progenies staring back at me right now in fact. Bless your low cut tops, Aubrey. Enjoy.